Clinical Training Programme Round 2

Noa Girls Clinical Training Programme – Round 2 now open

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Noa Clinical Training Programme?

Mental health issues have exploded in the last decade. Covid has both exacerbated issues and brought them further into the open and the impact on Noa’s services has been immense.

Following Noa’s successful Charity Extra campaign in 2021, its waiting list of 58 girls was cleared and many additional girls who referred since were taken on. However due to the increased number of referrals Noa’s waiting list currently stands at 39.

In order to provide the full care and support each of these girls needs, the organisation must recruit more talented, qualified and personable female professionals from within the community, whom the girls can relate to.

The Clinical Training Programme will enable Noa to provide scholarships and internships in social work, psychotherapy and other therapeutic modalities, thereby enabling the organisation to retain and recruit staff, leading to an increased capacity.

Who can apply for the Clinical Training Programme?

Applications are open to any women from the community who are considering or who are already in the process of pursuing a qualification in any therapeutic discipline, including social work, psychotherapy, psychology or other therapeutic fields. Examples of study undertaken include postgraduate diplomas, MAs or doctorates.

What is Noa offering to successful applicants?

Successful applicants will be offered either full or part-funding for their course, for between one and four years. In addition to this, Noa will offer a limited number of trainee therapy placements, some of which may be paid placements.

What commitments to Noa do successful applicants have to make?

Successful applicants will need to commit the following:

  • Approximately 20 hours per week of paid employment at Noa during the course of their study in one of the following roles a) Senior Keyworker b) Junior Keyworker c) Clinical Manager d) Mentoring Manager e) Social Worker (job descriptions supplied separately).
  • Fewer hours will be considered if the candidate is offered a therapy placement at Noa, or in exceptional circumstances.
  • Commitment to a further period of employment at Noa post-qualification, commensurate with the funding provided (approximately one year of employment per fully funded year of study, although the level of Noa’s financial commitment will be taken into consideration as well)
  • Agreement that if the candidate leaves Noa’s employment or the training programme after the organisation has incurred costs, they will be liable to repay any fees paid on their behalf

What is the closing date for applications?

22nd June 2022