Eating Disorder Programme

The Need

Eating disorders have become increasingly prevalent amongst adolescent girls worldwide and the Jewish community is not immune.

All the research and clinical evidence on eating disorders confirms that girls who struggle from eating disorders benefit from early intervention and without that support, escalation is fast and chances of recovery are severely diminished. Conversely, those who recover from eating disorders during adolescence are less likely to experience recurrence later in life.

Our eating disorder programme enables us to prioritise girls suffering from, or at risk of developing, eating disorders so we can prioritise their support when they are referred to us.

Our Provision

Our programme includes:

• Provision of targeted one-to-one weekly support.
• Advocacy in accessing NHS and external support.
• Specialist ED training for staff members.
• Nutritionist and dietician sessions.
• Supported Meal Provision
• Education programme delivery to girls’ high schools and local youth movements, to raise awareness about eating disorders, counter pervasive myths and stigmas and ensure that girls are encouraged and supported to access appropriate services.


Our programme is headed by Lubna Dar and Debbi Kanter whose experience in the field and most recently in Maudsley Hospital span over 20 years.

“My world at first was a dark and gloomy place. No life, no happiness. It spiralled out of control and I lost hope living such a torturous life. Life had no meaning, whereas now that I joined Noa, I feel like they renewed my life. They gave me the confidence to navigate my path and to choose life. Thank you Noa for being the light in my darkened world.”