Alongside Noa’s core one-to-one keyworking support, mentoring, therapy programme and our work with families, we have a diverse range of supplementary programmmes designed to help you thrive.

Everyone has different interests and talents and, at Noa, we want to give everyone a chance to find and develop those.  It may be a hobby you enjoy or a new skill you would like to learn or even activities that test your limits. Noa has a number of programmes to help you do this.

Life can get busy, competitive and pressured and sometimes it’s good to do something completely for yourself, for fun. At the same time, learning a few skills on the way can give you a new sense of purpose, renewed energy and empowerment to face the challenges and decisions in your life with strength and confidence. Equally, some of our programmes are there to provide a little extra help with areas you might be struggling with in a more relaxed environment to enable you to succeed.