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At Noa, you’ll find diverse and meaningful volunteering opportunities available to make a positive impact on the lives of adolescent girls from the Orthodox community aged 12 to 24.

  1. Mentoring: As a mentor, you’ll build warm and empathetic relationships with an individual girl, dedicating a minimum of two hours per week, including preparation time, regular supervisions, and training sessions. This commitment is expected for at least one year, allowing sustainable and impactful relationships to flourish.
  1. MealSupport: By providing emotional and practical support during mealtimes to girls suffering from eating disorders, you can make a significant difference. Our dietitian will train you to sit with a girl during meals or snack times. MealSupport opportunities are available during the day.
  2. SkillShare: Do you possess specific skills that you would like to share to enhance the wellbeing of Noa girls. Volunteers can offer their expertise through a series of weekly workshops. Primarily held during the evenings or on Sundays.
  3. SecondHome: Volunteers who are willing to open their homes to provide another safe space for girls in need, either as Shabbos guests, during Chagim, or in the afternoons.

Regardless of the volunteering option chosen, all potential volunteers will undergo DBS checks and thorough reference checks to ensure a secure and supportive environment for everyone involved.

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