Who We Are

Noa provides a safe, caring, non-judgemental environment in which the support offered will be tailored to you as an individual. As with all the girls we support, we will empower you, help you move forward, build self-esteem and lead a more productive, healthy and meaningful life.

What we do

We support girls from the Jewish community aged 12-24, who are struggling with the changes and upheavals that adolescence brings. Adolescence can be a really difficult time – you know that best after all. You might feel alone, but most girls and young women find life somewhat challenging at a time when self-esteem, changing social situations and body image can become more central to everyday life.
However, if you are dealing with additional issues, adolescence can seem unmanageable. Whether it’s eating disorders, difficult home situations, anxiety and depression or traumatic life events or other more severe obstacles and circumstances

Noa Is Here To Support You And Help You Face These Challenges.

We can offer you our care and support without judgement. We recognise that you are an individual with unique needs. We tailor our support to ensure you have the tools and confidence to confront and overcome the personal challenges and struggles in your life.

We’ve Built An Unparalleled Level Of Expertise, Cultural Knowledge And Sensitivity In This Area.

“At Noa we understand the sensitivity of the issues we are dealing with and the absolute importance of confidentiality.”