What We Do


You Are Unique And So Is The Support You Need

Adolescence can be hard enough as it is, without feeling that you have no one to share your problems with as it feels too embarrassing or scary that people might find out. The resulting loneliness can be overwhelming. When life gets tough it can make a huge difference to have someone who is completely there for you and is focused on helping you through whatever the challenge may be so that you are no longer alone.

As a result, keyworking is at the centre of what we do at Noa. Girls are paired with a keyworker who works one-to-one with you to help you face the challenges in your life. A keyworker will provide practical support such as helping you to access Noa programmes and relevant external services available, finding the right vocational course or college programme, helping to locate adequate housing etc. A keyworker can help identify key life skills that may be helpful to work on together such as budgeting, nutrition and social skills. Keyworkers will also speak up for girls and fight your corner where you need a stronger voice, be it with external services, school and even your family. Keyworkers are there to celebrate birthdays and occasions, share and rejoice in your successes and, equally, be there alongside you through the bumps along the road.


Someone In Your Corner

As well as our keyworkers we also have a large number of volunteer mentors from the community. Mentors are paired with girls who share similar interests to them so that they can explore and enjoy activities together. These can include any activity for example yoga, art, dance or jewellery making. If you would like to pursue a specific hobby or interest we will do our best to make sure it happens. A mentor is also another person who is on your side, who you can talk to about your problems, or alternatively is simply someone to build a friendship with who is outside of the pressures of your daily life.  Mentors can bring a new perspective and the added benefits of their different life experiences to the friendship.


Addressing An Underlying Cause

Sometimes, the issues we face are too complex to deal with in practical terms or to just ignore. In those cases, therapy is a crucial part of the recovery process.  In therapy, a professional therapist will enable you to identify, confront and overcome the issues that you are struggling with. At Noa we seek the most appropriate therapy for each girl, including psychotherapy, CBT, art therapy and equine therapy.  We can help you access therapy from other organisations and services such as Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), the Tavistock and Jewish Women’s Aid.

Where this is not possible or best for a specific girl, we will provide privately funded therapy. Our in-house clinical team, headed by Dr Amelie Turgel, includes counselling psychologists, a clinical psychologist, a CBT therapist, art therapist, drama therapist, and a psychotherapist. We can also provide therapy through our network of highly professional and recommended therapists.

Our therapy programme is generously funded by the Maurice Wohl Charitable Trust.

Support to families

A Family Therapist Programme

We know that it can sometimes be hugely helpful to have your parents on board. As adolescents our relationship with our parents and family is in flux and difficult to navigate at the best of times. When additional challenges are thrown in this can stretch or break these bonds and add extra stress into the mix. When appropriate and with your permission, Noa may work with your parents and/or other family members to give them a better understanding of what you are going through, strategies to productively deal with these challenges and any conflicts that arise. Thanks to the generosity of the Charles Wolfson Charitable Trust, we have a family therapist programme to assist in this, strengthening the natural support systems around you.