Noa at Work

At Noa we know how important financial independence is. However, finding your first job is difficult and a little extra hand and support can go a long way.  Whether you did not feel able or did not want to move forward to higher education, or whether there are certain areas that are preventing you from successfully finding employment, at Noa we are here to help.

Our Noa at Work programme provides practical and technical skills necessary for employment. 


Our business projects have been running successfully for a number of years.  Under the business projects you will work with your keyworker to decide on a product and then, over a number of sessions make, package and sell your creations.  You will be able to retain the profits from the sales, as who can’t benefit from a little more spending money.  In the past, girls have produced Shabbos gifts, hair accessories, baby gifts, shalach manos and jewellery but we are open to any workable ideas that reflect your specific strengths and interests. You will be involved in all stages of production and marketing. You will learn, not only the specific skills in producing your chosen items, but also other transferable skills such as project planning, budgeting, customer relations, meeting deadlines etc that will be useful whether you decide to get a job in the future and/or if you want to set up your own business. To view and order any of the products that have been produced, please click here


You may have interests and talents that will be best developed through further vocational training.  Whether it is a specific course or a university or college qualification, we can help you explore the best fit for you, find appropriate options, support you through the admissions process and beyond.  You will be paired with a mentor in that field who can use their own experiences and knowledge to best navigate any challenges that crop up along the way. Graphic design, beauty and floristry are some of the options girls have chosen through this programme.


So you know what you want to do, but you are struggling to get your foot in the door? Everyone is asking for prior experience and you are wondering how to get on the first rung of the ladder? We all know that the hardest job to find is usually your first. Often job applications require the right experience which can be tough to find at the beginning. We work with local businesses to place girls as paid interns in an area of interest to provide them with the first step along a path of success. We will match you with a community member who wants to open the door for you and give you a chance to show them what you can do.  During the internship, your keyworker will be in close communication with your employer to work on particular areas of personal development to maximise your experience and learning.
Through all of this, your keyworker will work with you to face any additional challenges along the way and provide any support necessary.